It is with extreme pleasure that we intro-duce you to our Family owned business lo-cated here in Miami. At Ocean Linen we take pride in our trade and most importantly we value our Associates and Our Customers equally.

Our 8,500 Sq. Ft. plant is generously equipped with state of the art equipment designed to both clean and sanitize linen and terry. Our Ironers’ and dryers are inspected daily so as to assure that they are set at the proper temperature so as to be sensitive to the industries’ ever-changing thread counts of cotton.

We realize that the Hospitality Industry operates 365 days a year 24/7 non-stop, as such we accommodate that by also operating the same way.

Crisp & Clean Linen
One of the most satisfying experiences of a hotel guest is to cuddle up in a freshly made up bed. A bed that smells good and offers sheets that are crisp to the touch.

Ocean Linen’s wash, dry, and ironing process assures that bed linen is thoroughly rinsed of any soaps or chemicals prior to the drying process.

Weighing sorting and washing
Each of our clients’ laundry is washed independently of the other. This prevents any crossover of inventory. As each shipment arrives it is carefully weighed and then as-signed to a specific washer and dryer.

Qualified Staff and The Right Equipment
State of the art equipment and a well trained staff work three shifts a day so as to assure that your laundry is cleaned properly and returned to you on time.

In addition to being absorbent it is impera-tive that a towel remains soft to the touch and never scratchy. Too often in our indus-try the incorrect chemicals are used in the washing process which cause the terry to become abrasive.. Ocean Linen uses com-puters to carefully monitor the mixtures of soaps and softeners within the washing cycles. Addition-ally we thoroughly rinse each load before it is moved to the dryers.

The end result is a softer and cleaner towel for your guests.